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How to Stabilize a TV Stand

Do you know that according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), 16,300 children of 5 years old and younger have been treated for injuries related to TV, and other electronic gadgets falling over?

Although, most people prefer to hang their TVs on the wall, however, TV stands are essential for optimal viewing. Be that as it may, TV stands also has it’s dangers as it can easily flip-over if not properly attached to the TV.

So, below, we’ll be giving you some guide on how to stabilize a TV stand.

How to Stabilize a TV Stand

Step 1

Examine your TV stand before you begin anything. Check for opens and any free nuts, fasteners or screws that append the pieces of the stand. On the off chance that you notice any defects, quickly fix them.

Step 2

Spot your hand on the stand and have a go at shaking the stand. In the event that the stand is free from any danger, it ought to be steady all alone. On the off chance that you notice that the stand wobbles or is anything but difficult to move, you presumably ought to consider another stand or anchor it with something substantial like loads at the base.

Step 3

Examine the racks. Maintain a strategic distance from TV stand with unstable racks. In the event that you notice the racks won’t make sure about your things, supplant the racks, if conceivable.

Step 4

Push the TV as far back on the remain as you can. This will forestall the TV stand from getting top-or front-substantial. In the event that you have a bigger or heavier TV, discover somebody to help lift the TV onto the stand.

Step 5

Search for any wires or links stuck under the stand. This could cause the TV stand to lean forward marginally, expanding the chances it will fall. On the off chance that any wires or links are caught, move them out so the stand lies level on the floor.


So, that’s it. Fixing a tv stand and stabilizing it isn’t that hard right? Now that you’ve gotten this idea, ensure you share with your friends and family and remember to always keep kids away from these gadgets.